"Charles Dickens Presents:
A Christmas Carol"

"I felt an earnest and humble desire, and shall do till I die,
to increase the stock of harmless cheerfulness"
 Charles Dickens

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"a talented actor and magnetic stage presence...
when Randall loses himself in one of those Dickensian bouts of rich description,
he’s at the top of his game."
Buffalo News

"Mike Randall's re-creation of what turned out to be Charles Dickens' farewell-to-America tour is a remarkable achievement It honors the honorable man, his crunchy  characters and, most of all, the moment." --
Doug Smith, 35-year critic of Buffalo theater, now with the West Side Times.

"as Charles Dickens in “A Christmas Carol” at MusicaFare Theatre,
Randall hit the bullseye..."
Barbara Tucker Tonawanda News

...." the characters came alive with color and flourish....we were transported to Dickens' England and didn't want to come back....Randall's command of the work was jaw-dropping...the characters seemed life-like, as if Dickens himself were speaking of people who had just left the room".
Peter Anderson Host Of  Time Warner's "Crossroads"

"While Randall was physically the only person on stage, it seemed as though a rich cast was playing out the drama...(an) exquisite, moving performance of A Christmas Carol...."
Debra Durkee  MetroSource

 "The evening concluded with a standing ovation for Randall leaving us all with a  true sense of the holiday season-- a sense of giving, hope, renewal and love for mankind. "
  Arcade Area Chamber of Commerce
"It is good to be children sometimes, and never better than at Christmas,
when it's mighty founder was a child himself"  A Christmas Carol